Golpouneh Pars Industrial Company

Golpouneh Pars Industrial Company
This company has been established with the partnership of Melli Bank of Iran and allocation of 17 million Euros of Foreign Currency Reservoir Fund and 300 billion Iranian Rials in the vicinity of Pishgaman Paper Industry and provided direct occupation for 100 people. It produces different types of tissues, toilet tissue paper, kitchen tissue, carrier tissues, …) which are both supplied to domestic market and exported to neighboring countries. It is worth noting that all machinery of the project has been purchased from European countries (Italy, Germany, England and France) at the height of European Union’s sanction, and the complex was constructed in a land of 25 hectares.

Tissue paper manufacturer

Golpooneh Parts Industrial Co. uses pulp of 100% pure imported to produce its products the products of this factory include handkerchiefs, toilet paper (dessie), paper towels, paper tablecloths and paper carriers. Which are produced, packaged and shipped to the domestic markets with the dimensions requested by customers

Specifications of Golponeh Pars Co.

40-13/5 Grams per square meter
270-20 CM
76 MM
Plastic wrap and cellophane coating
150-80 CM

Technical specifications:

  • Type of paper machine: Over mecanica

  • Country of origin: Italy

  • Maximum speed: 1380 M/MIN

  • 64 tons per day

Standard Documents

Cellulose raw materials

Long fibers Pulp

Fiber Length mm 2 <
Burst Index kPam2/g 1.9 <
Tensile index Nm/g 24 <
Freeness( SR) SR 13-18
Ash content % 0.3 >
Breaking Length m 2700 <
Bulk cm3/gr 2
AOX mg/kg 3 >
PH 5.7 ..7
Brightness %ISO >88
Moisture % 9>

short fibers Pulp

Fiber Length mm 0.6 <
Burst Index kPam2/g 1 <
Tensile index Nm/g 20 <
Tear Index mNm2/g 5 <
Freeness( SR) SR 16-23
Ash content % 0.3 >
Breaking Length m 2400 <
Bulk cm3/gr 1.7 <
AOX mg/kg 3 >
PH 7.5…5
Brightness %ISO >89
Moisture % 9>