Pishgaman Paper Industry (PSK)
This company started it activities with the partnership of Tejarat Bank and allocation of 37 million Euros of Foreign Currency Reservoir Fund and 700 billion Iranian Rials provided by shareholders and Tejarat Bank after overcoming numerous problems resulted from sanctions … and provided direct occupation for 200 people. The products of this factory not only have been a replacement for the imported products but also are currently exported to China, Iraq, Afghanistan and Malaysia.

Produces all types of brown paper from recycled paper

Pishgaman Paper Industry use OCC and NCC waste cartons to produce all kinds of packaging and Kraft paper cartons. The company's products include Liner Paper, Kraft Liner, White Tap, Flute and Liner, which can be duplexed and single-layer Produced in the domestic and foreign markets..

Product Specifications

110-140 Grams per square meter
80-370 CM
100 MM
Sulfonic cover
120-130 CM

Technical specifications :

  • Type of paper machine:Over mecanica

  • Country of origin: Italy

  • Maximum speed : 600 M/MIN

  • 250 tons per day