PSK Quality Control

In this unit, all operations are performed on the raw consumable materials, during the production process and on the final products in order that all the features of the manufactured products will comply with the specified standards so that they meet the consumer’s satisfaction.

The list of capabilities in PSK’s laboratory

The control of produced product

Paper Section Descriptions
Test of paper grammage ( Grammage) The weight of the paper is measured by a digital balance after cutting by punch in a surface area of one square meter with a precision of 0.001.
COBB water absorption test Row 2 col 2 content
Paper Bursting Strength test (Burst) The resistance of the paper against the force applied to the surface is measured by a device
Corrugate crush resistance of fluting paper (CMT) The Corrugating Medium Test (CMT) measures the flat crushing resistance of fluting paper when the force is imposed at the top of corrugate vertically.
The Ring Crushing Test of paper The ring crush test (RCT) measures the ring crush resistance of a paper strip against the force applied on the edge of paper in the ring status.
Tensile strength testing Tensile testing measures the tension resistance of paper until failure.
Tear strength test It measures the tear resistance of paper to the formation of an initial tear
CCT- Fluted edge crushing resistance test It measures the strength of paper fluted edge under a vertical compression load
Humidity The amount of humidity is measured in a piece paper of 10 cm2 after cutting by punch.

The control of process water

Serial no. Test name
1 Conductivity measurement
2 PH measurement
3 Water total hardness measurement
4 Phosphate measurement
5 Sulfite measurement

Outflow wastewater control

Serial no. Test name
1 COD measurement
2 PH measurement
3 Measurement of suspended solids
4 Measuring solids dissolved in wastewater

Chemical analysis

Serial no. Test name
1 Determining starch PH
2 Determining the percentage of starch humidity
3 Determining the amount of starch ash
4 Determining the viscosity of starch
5 cooking Starch
6 Determining the protein content of starch
7 Determining humid percentage of AKD
8 Determining the PH of AKD
9 Determining solvency of AKD